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Welcome to Bright Cowork

Bright CoworkBright CoworkBright CoworkBright CoworkBright CoworkBright CoworkBright Cowork

Tired of working at home by yourself but don’t want to go back to that cubicle farm or have the overhead and hassle of your own office?

We’re a creative, collaborative, cowork space in Bright Center, at the heart of Old Town Winchester, Virginia. And we’re just what you’re looking for.

Come see us and learn more about how this innovative space could work for you.

New to the cowork concept?

Check out the story of Bright Cowork or the values of coworking.


  • Aaron Collegeman Aaron Collegeman
    Squidoo Web Engineer, owner Fat Panda, full-time coworker 
  • Scot Lienke Scot Lienke
    Production Manager, Senior Project Manager and full time coworker 
  • Sharon Bassett Sharon Bassett
    Senior Web Designer and Developer, owner of June Studios, part-time coworker 
  • Gannon Beck Gannon Beck
    CEO and co-owner of, part-time coworker 
  • Marilyn Finnemore Marilyn Finnemore
    CEO of Mind & Media, renovator of Bright Center, part-time coworker 
  • Aldo Bello Aldo Bello
    CCO of Mind & Media, co-owner Bright Center, part-time coworker 
  • Corey Brown Corey Brown
    Squidoo COO, Bright Cowork founder and full time coworker 

Visit Us

We love visitors! We're usually around between 9am to 6pm M-F, so stop by.

Ready to join?

If working with other bright people in a collaborative, dynamic space appeals to you, then let's talk. We offer full-time, part-time and day tripper membership plans.